Industrial Components

Our Industrial Components are made from the highest quality raw material. Everything is inspected to ensure the highest quality all through the production process. Our portfolio of industrial components are aimed at the wood flooring industry as well as stair manufacturers. These products are designed to reduce waste and keep cost down for our clients.

Engineered Wood Flooring Components

Sawn Veneers: High quality sawn veneers for Engineered Flooring Manufacturers. The lumber is carefully selected before being cut into veneers. Only Clear grade material is allowed. This ensures that the final product comes out practically without any defects. The lumber that doesn’t meet these high quality standards are used for other products such as solid wood flooring. The sawn veneers are kept in controlled climate chambers until shipment to ensure that the wood doesn’t pick up more moisture.

Jatoba Sawn Veneers

  • 1.8mm thickness up to 6mm
  • Clear quality
  • Excellent moisture control 6-8% MC
  • Jatoba, Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, Sucupira etc.
  • Various widths and length combinations are available.

Engineered flooring platforms: A Great alternative to Russian Birch platforms. The Eucalyptus platform is highly cost effective compared to Russian Birch. The panel quality and construction is excellent and is also CARB Phase II Compliant.

  • Eucalyptus plywood platforms
  • Available in 9-15mm thickness
  • 4×8′ and 4×4′ panel sizes
  • CARB Phase II complient
  • Panel quality C+/C
  • Sanded or un sanded.
  • Minimum 5 plies.

Stair-treads Components

These Edge Glued Stair Tread components are produced to the highest quality. Because the Stair Treads are edge glued, it adds additional stability to the wood and lest movement due to seasonal changes in humidity.

  • Edge Glued stair treads components
  • Jatoba, Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Tauari and Garapa
Stair Threads in Ipe, Tauari, Jatoba, Garapa and Cumaru

Stair Tread Components in Ipe, Tauari, Jatoba, Garapa and Cumaru

Edge Glued Tauari Stair Tread

Ipe Stair Thread

Edge Glued Ipe Stair Tread

Jatoba Stair Thread

Edge Glued Jatoba Stair Tread

Edge Glued Cumaru Stair Thread

Edge Glued Cumaru Stair Tread

Edge Glued Garapa Stair Thread

Edge Glued Garapa Stair Tread

All our wood material are sourced from Sustainable Managed forests and are Lacey Act and EUTR Compliant.