About Us

Niklas Karlsson founded NK International Trading, LLC in 2014 in Atlanta, after 12+ years working in Sweden, Brazil and Atlanta with a variety of products for construction and furniture industries, I decided to start my own business, NK International Trading, LLC.

We’re bringing our vast product and logistics knowledge to our new venture, aiming to bring the manufacturers closer to the markets.

Working together with high quality and reliable suppliers, and promoting their products Worldwide. We can supply the following quality products at competitive prices:

  • Tropical Hardwood Lumber, AD & KD
  • Tropical Hardwood Decking AD & KD
  • Tropical Hardwood Solid Flooring, Square Edged and Beveled
  • Pine plywood for Construction and Packaging
  • Stair-Treads
  • MDF
  • Block Board
  • Hardwood edge-glue panels
  • Doors
  • Tropical hardwood Sawn Veneers for Engineered Flooring
  • Eucalyptus Plywood for engineered flooring
  • Elliottis/Taeda Pine Lumber
  • Southern Yellow Pine Lumber (S4S and Rough)
  • North American Hardwood Lumber
  • Butcher Block Countertops

NK International Trading is committed to providing the best service, highest quality and environmentally friendly products for our Vendors and Clients. We are about Creating long-term and profitable business relationships for all parties.  Facilitate International trade in wood products for all parties involved.